Monday, 28 November 2011

66 not out

Friday night was planned.
Go out for a meal at our
local... go see the Xmas
lights turned on then
wonder around checking
out the bring n buy
stalls, get into the
spirit of things..
listen to the children
as they scream with
joy on the rides..
But we didn't...
I spent 4 hours
in A&E with my
other half, after
finding out he'd
had a wee accident
on the farm where
he works. I have
to say the nursing
staff were very good
thorough. Pain
wasn't a problem
for my man, the
depth of the cut
and the amount of
red stuff flirtin
out of his flesh
was enough to make
me realise there
is more t this
nursing than we
actually think.
I couldn't be
a nurse, I get
squeamish at
the sight of
to clever with
the red stuff
either. It
turned out
he'd cracked
the big toe
bone but split,
if that's the
right name
for it, the
deep incision
in his foot,
that refused
to stop bleedin.
He was admitted
and went to
theatre Saturday
morning to have
the cut opened
some more so it
could be
cleaned out..
He is off work
for a while..
but I know
unless I lock
him in the
house, he
may at some
He is like
me, I don't
do sittin
down takin
it easy..I
get bored
very quickly!!
So no ridin
his motor-
bike for a
no drivin
the car..
I've hidden
both sets
off keys.
Might give
him a bath
later, you
ever tried
out of a
bath with
one leg?!
So this is
the first
time ever
that he has
a general
Up until
he's never
ever had
an operation.
66 not out!


Anonymous said...

Ouch. That sucks and hurts. The next time I get hurt, I'm calling you. XO

Indi said...

nixabn ~ he's off another week... poor lamb. I hope you never get hurt.... but I can all about put a band aid on so nothing too heavy please ;-O