Sunday, 4 September 2011

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday to the day in 1983.
I got all dressed up to meet
this man I'd fallen in love
with.. to meet him at the
alter, with all our family
and friends to witness...
to say these words followed
by two very important words
'I DO'.. and we did, that
was a day to remember..
we remembered the day
yesterday with cards
and a nice meal out just
him and me... 28 years
is a mightily long time.
He's stood by me through
thick n thin.. I am his
wife, the mother of his
off spring..I don't think
we've done too bad all
these years... I still
love him, I always will.


Anonymous said...

I was 17 that year. Happy anniversary. xoxo hope all is well.


What a lovely tribute to love, Indi. I hope you enjoyed your special day.

Indi said...

BT ~ OK now I feel really old!!All is still upside down but I'm still breathing which I guess is a good start....



Indi said...

UBS ~ Am just an old romantic at heart... Went out for a lovely meal, I just couldn't eat it all and of course I had no alcohol!!!



nitebyrd said...

Sorry I missed your anniversary, Indi. Sounds like you and your husband had a lovely day.

28 years is a very long time to still be in love. I was just reading about your mom and dad so I guess it runs in the family! LOL

Happy belated Anniversary!