Thursday, 23 September 2010


Smile's come and go..
depending on our mood.
Today I'm feelin.. you
might say...rather low.
Today is the beginning
of a journey to regain
a smile I was born with
but over the years..I've
kind of been in denial!
First appointment at a
place where nightmares
live.. a comfy chair..
bright lights.. needles
everywhere. Dental pain
is some thing most of
us can bare.. for me
it's a white knuckle
ride.. I hate goin
there. The woman who
handles these fears
has been a wonder to
my nerves, she knows
how I feel when I shake
into he room.. my
heart races, my esteem
low. Today I had 5
needles to freeze
my mouth.. grindin
drillin, head vibratin
hands shakin, muffled
groans of waitin for
the one nerve to awake,
legs trembling.. eyes
squeezed shut...I'm
thawing out now, my
lips no more distorted.
Have eaten gentle
bites of soft food.
My stomach muscles
ache from 2 hours
of permanently
bein held....
My dentist is
very calming
has the words
to soothe my
pain.. you'd
think at 'my'
age I'd be OK!
Let me tell
you... I am not.
I have a new
filling, a
temporary crown.
My wallet is
now empty..
I still feelin
rather down!!
Money isn't
but for me
right now..
it's gone..
so my smile
I was was
born with,
for now..
is not quite
ready.. to be
shown. I have
more work to
be completed
with more £'s
to part with,
we used to be
an NHS dentist
but now they
where £ signs
appear to
triple, my
worries of
how to pay..
but for now
I'm coming
to terms
of having
this almost
still goin
on ..on and
around my chin.


Heff said...

Yep, that's the kind of ORAL I DON'T like :)

Indi said...

Heff ~ Me neither.. nor do I like the 'bill!'



Just telling it like it is said...

That's why i make them give me the gas!

Indi said...

Just telling it like it is ~ I did enquire but the computer said no. Lol.. My mouth bled again last night, I think she must have got too close to the gum area with the drill, I was spitting out rather alot of the red stuff at the time of impact ;/