Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Sister Act 2

Well I've shown you my new sister in Canada, this is one of her other sisters. Cindy is her name, but I call her Cinderella, she and I got on famously. She is so happy go lucky kinda gal. She has a 'awesome' laugh, which really hits the high notes, thing is it doesn't matter what she's cracking up at, Cindy starts to laugh then it becomes contagious and then I start, then every one else joins in.. they say laughter is good for the soul? Oh yeah for sure. We share the same birth sign.. the fish Pisces. Her BIG birthday is next year four days before I hit the BIG one. So a double celebration. We went out with various relatives whilst we were stayin in Canada.. that day we visited a place called Souris. In Souris there is a well known 'swinging bridge' which goes across the river Souris. This is a wooden with steel ropes bridge from one side to the other, it was built around 1900. If my memory serves me well, the property developer back then wanted to be able to get to both sides of the river so he built the bridge. I had great fun on the bridge because of it's name 'swinging' I got half way across and starting to jump up and down making it move quite vigorously.. ya had to hold on.. Cindy didn't like the movement of it that much which caused me to have hysterics and jump some more.. as you do! I love my new found sisters, whacky as me and so much fun to be around. We got on so freakin well, I miss them so freakin much. Thank god for E mail eh?! After our day out in the Canadian heat and eating copious amounts of ice cream.. we arrived at a place in Portage, the local town for early dinner.. I loved the food there..'Bills sticky fingers' the name of the diner... this is a photo of Cinderella usin her cell phone.. we call them mobiles! She just happened to look up at the appropriate time and I went 'click!'


Spiky Zora Jones said...

you're hitting the big one...oh my, you're going to be 21...cool sweetie.

I'm glad you ahad people to love there and that loved you right back. Do you ever see yourself going back to Canada? To visit or stay?

it's nice reading your happy words...xxx

Indi said...

Spiky ~ We all need to be loved but if the past brings back memories then it's better in the past. I love my new family over there and they me.. We're goin back to Canada next Christmas n for new year, 2011. I know we shouldn't wish our lives away but I can't wait.. thanks hun, happy words are here to stay................... for now anyway ;). It's so good to have you back (((((((MWUAH))))))))



Leah said...

That's all fabulous news Indi. I'm so glad for you hun. I found my half brother last November and it's just lovely. It's freaking everyone out because of the resemblance AND we're alike in a lot of thoughts and attitudes.

Indi said...

Leah ~ we're not exactly related, but because we got on so well in every way.. she's adopted me, I love her... and if she ever read this.. it's true Cinderella.