Saturday, 18 September 2010


Good morning people.. wherever you be in this vast and ever expanding world.
Today I am going to be discussing 'pain' and you're probably wondering why I've chosen a grinning moggy for my post? Well this little cutie makes me laugh.. it doesn't matter how tired or hungry n tired or pissed off n tired I am feeling, this little Kittie does it for me.. so that's my reason. I thought I'd take a different approach to writing word As like most people on blog land seem to be having trouble with these days is writing what they are used to doing.. but with some added difficulty. I put it down to the planets changing.. summer whistles through and Autumn skips right on in, sittin her cute colour ful ass down on the ground on her carpet of dead leaves. Ya see I do still have poetic license.. In the busy lives we lead, sleep usually plays a big part in how we function.. I have come to the conclusion that being a woman is an 'Erotic' event. However it does come with certain rules and regulations.. health and safety being on there some where too.
I have with in the last couple of years been experiencing pain in my joints.. another symptom of the...wait for it.. 'Menopause' that stepping stone into the unknown darkness of ...... dare I say it? OLD AGE!! Grasp it by the balls and firmly squeeze until the sad fucker that suggested old age.. stop breathing! So some one at work suggested I start takin a supplement to try and ease my symptoms.. not sure how many years I have to cough up my hard earned pennies for these wonder pills. I do have a active life.. I get plenty of exercise at work. I sound like a fuckin Labrador dog! However may I add I don't not go around pokin my nose up peoples crotches ( Mmmmm...). The supplement I am discussing is Glucosamine with sulphate. I do have wear n tear Arthritis in my fingers n toes. These huge pills should definitely come wth a health warning.. they're resemble horse pills.. they're massive. Any one who had a problem swallowing pills should seriously think again!! I had five operations on my left foot about 14 years ago.. I do find that in cold damp weather my joints do hurt, something to do with air pressure. If any one out there can advice me on this as it's hear say. I not being in the medical profession. Or does any one else have any bright ideas as how to get around this some times ridiculous pain, maybe there's a tea I can drink? I shall continue to take these horse pills.. I am curious as to how they work, if they work? So that is all I have to write about now.. I've had my lie in.. once I am awake I have to get up.. after all I think we sleep enough when we are dead.. life is for living, cosy as it is under my duvet.. but I have the weeks shoppin to accomplish with out too much stress... so have a great weekend people.. smile whenever you can, it pisses the other miserable bastards off!


The Savage said...

Arthur I. Tis and I are getting acquainted. He has laid his touch upon my fingers, toes, knees and my right ankle. I'll be buying glucosamine soon myself.
Tell you what, Indy my sweet, I'll search the books and look around and see what I can find with natural medicine for pain.
One thing I do know is that heat helps increase circulation which helps take the pain away even if it's temporary...

greekwitch said...

I am so sorry! I hate big pills. Pain medications can be tricky and hard on you in more ways than one. Your kidneys, your endorfin levels...
I have a confession to make! When i read pain and saw the smiley cat, i thought the post was about a much different issue!

Indi said...

Savvy ~ todayis cool but sunny. I am relaxing watching athletics on tv.. I don't normally sit for long as I cannot sit still for very long due to I just can't relax for long. My fingers aches so much today. I have applied handcream wriggling my fingers vigorously.. they ache more now. I will try heat my friend.. does brandy work, that warms my inside just nice ;)).. you rock my Savvy.. together we will conquer this..



Indi said...

greekwitch ~ I like to suprise my readers.. keep smiling I always think.. how ever or what ever life shit's on us... just keep smiling ;). It never occured that helpful medication could also hurt our fragile systems.. I guess because I've worked hard all my life, well up until now.. I ain't done yet ;) I'm literally wearing myself out. Thank you



Sandra said...

I think your attitude is fantastic, I agree life is for the living, so fuck the duvet! They can wrap us up in it in our coffins!

Indi said...

Sandra ~Exactly ;)