Friday, 28 May 2010


Time is all we have.
How long is up to us.
We are born, we grow.
We live our lives
the way we think
we know how it
should be done.
We sleep, we
eat.. we have
fun. Love
is another
that some
times spirals
out of control.
Do we get that
right, are we
sure? Age is
but a number,
that's is what
I say, but for
others it never
gets beyond one
day when your
number is up,
so for now lets
hope and pray
that tomorrow
stays, we can
live some more
smile at the
angels and say
fuck off I'm
staying. Who
wants to die.
Not me, I'm
here for the
sunshine that
lights the way.
I have nothing
wrong or at
least that's
the song, filled
with a thousand
unsung words.
Words that fail
me from time
to time. I
am me, love
me or not.
I am past
caring, for
those who
once did can
go fuck off.
I love me,
that's all
that counts!


Playfully Yours said...

Hell yeah I agree. I love myself and that is ALL that matters.

Indi said...

Playfully Yours - Let's tell it how it is sister ;))))