Friday, 14 May 2010

New Name - New Day

Sexual Saturday

OK . people we have half knekkid Thursday, freaky ? Friday.. Tuesday poet twat whatever ...yeah? And we all enjoy partaking in this subject. And we will continue to take part in these activities yes? Ya get where I'm coming from here? OK so I'm going to invent 'Sexual Saturday.' Right so the rules...
1. Plan in our little worlds a sexual moment, whether it be real or in our minds.. a story... yep, that's it a short story about some thing 'sexual.'

2. You have to have 3 people in your story... So this is it guys n girls.

3. Any kind of sexual orientation...(am going to have fun there ;O)

4. Pictures are good but not if ya don't have any.

I will start the weekend tomorrow with the first of the stories/ poem.

5. If you prefer to write a short poem then that's good.

6. ENJOY ... I want 'sticky-juicy-naughty- and most of all *SEXUAL*

Don't let me down people.


The Invisible Seductress said...

Would be all in my mind,,,sigh,,,my life sucks a little right now...But my mind is good!! I guess..for now....holding head down low..

deep sigh...

Indi said...

The Invisible Seductress ~ I like your mind, and I could if permitted to... bring your head from down low to high up with exhausted grin on face position * exhausted lying back on bed*



Fiction is good.