Sunday, 9 May 2010


Ask me what I feel.
Search your heart.
Scratch away the
surface of this
face. This smile
you see... it's
fake, not real.
Ask me...yes
ME .. what I
feel. I do..
and I can see
from this facade
that you do too.
You think you
know me.. I
know who I am,
but I want you
to find me.
You have to
look beyond
the hard core,
scratch beneath
the surface..
I feel, I
love you.
Do you see?


Crystal Girl said...

I love you too, sweet thing!!!!

Is that your pussy kitty? It's very cute!

Hope you had a great moms day!

xoxo, Crystal

Indi said...

Crystal ~ Ditto sweetie ;-* it aint my pussy.. but he is adorable .

Had a lovely Mothers day thanks,



Anonymous said...

kitty has pierced my soul with its gaze

i am its slave

Indi said...

the eternal list ~ That comment is beautiful.. thank you



Spiky Zora Jones said...

Indi: I love it. it's sweet and heart felt.

I don't think I know you...I do know you. (((MWUAH)))

later sweete.

Indi said...

Spiky ~ Thanks baby... ya back then?! ;))) * smiles of admoration*

I will always love me and you ;)


Indi said...

0812 ~ whatever that is in English, thank you. Anychance you could put in English please?


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Speaking of a cat and scratching, that's where people would find me if they scratched, at the bottom of the litter box. Ha.

Indi said...

BT ~ I think you would not be at the bottom of any cat litter tray, far from it, I put you high on a pedistal... with a crown on your head.. King for a day!


Thank you