Sunday, 2 August 2009


If your hand is warm, you may touch me.
If your mouth is may kiss me,
as your heart beats and the blood races
through your veins...hold me.
Touch my foot with yours beneath
the table, let our feet dance.
Let our minds play dirty thoughts.
As I stare into your eyes..
stare back at me with distant glance.
Come into my garden and smell my perfume.
Bend at your knees and kiss me.
Wrap your fingers around me
like rose petals around the bud.
Let me hypnotise you with my heart.
Sit down at my table, come feed at my Inn.
Let me feed your appetite. Whole and perfect,
hot and juicy.
Until the end, you may kiss me.
I shall feed your imagination,
with my mind.
To touch you in the morning
hold your hand and guide you
through my garden, smell my perfume.
Let me lay my hand upon your soul.



"Bend at your knees and kiss me."

Are you a dwarf?


Unless you reall are....



"Bend at your knees and kiss me."


I get


Nevermind first comment.
{Spiky would have got it...}

Indigo said...

UBERMOUTH ~ like you said... spiky would've got it!! Think it's called 'poetry.' You heard of that?...where you come from...Lol...OOOOOOPS!

Enigma said...

I really loved this poem.
It awakened something in me. Lets keep it by that ;)

Yes, smoking is awful. Tomorrow it'll be a week already, without that is. Still it can be painful at times... So seductive...
And for alcohol, well you have to have one flaw at least and alcohol can be fun ;)

Indigo said...

Enigma ~ well done on the none smoking! I'm so glad you like my poem, have you read any of the previous ones, they will most certainly awake you.. I'm going to a wedding today, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, I'm waiting for the bride and groom to say 'I do.' See, I can write poetry lol..

Jackie Adshead said...

Very deep, Indigo - I like it! You write the emotions behind the words so well....

Indigo said...

Jackie ~ thank you that means so much to me, what you have printed. I've been down many roads in my life, fallen in love and found my path in life. I only write what I feel... love can do this. I know my life has depth and the further I take my writing, the deeper I find myself... if that makes sense?

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Hi honey: this is good...real good. I mean that I love it. It is as good as one of sappho's poems and I am a big big sappho fan.

Thank you for sharing sweetheart.
keep writing sweetie...we want more.

Ciao. xxx

Spiky Zora Jones said...

uberbaby...yes babe. i got right's one of my fave lines in the poem. hehehe.
ciao sweets.

Indigo said...

spiky ~ 'WOW' I'm so happy that you think it's that good! But I know I'm good but for you to actually say I'm as good as sappho then I'm delighted!! Bloody 'eL... I won't let it go to my head tho Lol... yes I will deliver more... promise. Thanks babe~x~

Indigo said...

I've just been on the internet looking up 'Sappho' she threw herself of a cliff. Poor woman, I've had many a broken heart, one time I was convinced I would never mend it.... I still think it's slightly misshapen. But to throw yourself of a cliff, to the death?!

doll said...

It is a wonderfully rich poem, pulsing with restrained heat. Damn it makes me want to be surrounded by that haze of early romance and lust.

Indigo said...

doll ~ thank you I have to agree with your description of my poem, you describe it with heat too. Thank you for visiting my blog :-)

nitebyrd said...

Indigo, your writing always makes me feel something magical. That is what poetry is supposed to do. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

Indigo said...

nitebyrd ~ Aw thank you for reading my poetry, I'm happy that it makes you feel magical. I love 'Magical.' :-)