Friday, 28 August 2009

Dark Secret

I am a dark secret, not yet opened.
My eyes have not yet seen our future,
but my heart has felt the pain..
my loss was hard to compare..
I am lost without you, yet we have not
yet met, I have not yet kissed you.
Do you not see who I am, who we could have been?
Time can heal nothing, but we had everything..
did you not feel my lips upon your breast?
The power that held our bond.. that kiss,
the kiss that held the future in our hands.
The alter awaits us, sacrifice is all it takes..
say yes to me, take me with you
time waits for no one, let me be your eternity.


Spiky Zora Jones said...

Indigo: hello again...hello. Oh yes writing everyday now my little poet. It's a good place to be. And whatever pace you go...write day or night, but always write.

You're doing fabulous honey...I love it. Love is an emotion I think you find easy to write...use the words, they are like an the tune that is inside. hehehe.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Indigo said...

Spiky ~ I will follow my heart, Love is an emotion, and I can be a very emotional woman at times, so I guess this is good? Thank you for spurring me on, enjoy your weekend to sugar xx

Jackie Adshead said...

Mmm.. thats very enigmatic, and powerful, I love it....

Indigo said...

Jackie ~ Thank you .. powerful eh? I love that


Wow Spiky, that comment is pure poetry also. Talented bitches.
I have zero talent.

Indigo- That poem is for me,right?
You write so beautifully. I may need to hire you.

My poetry is like[and this is my most profound]

I had a dog
who had a flea
he jumped off him
and landed on me.

except for

I had a dish
where I put my fish
when he plopped out
he went squish. :0

Hmmm.maybe, I DO have some talent after all.

Indigo said...

UBERMOUTH ~ Yeah hun that poem's for you..with my undevided love! Of couse you have a talent, you're a blogger aren't you? I like your fish poem too, it made me smile, I lurve fish!!;-P

akiss2desire said...

Girl make it wet and wanting when you write :)

Indigo said...

akiss2desire ~ Mmmmm...thank you, hope you're nice and wet?!

Dulce said...

WoW Indigo you are cute and a good writer. Thanks for coming by and your beautiful comment.
You can follow me if you like!
Pleased to meet YOU! :)

Tracy said...

I wanted to stop by and ty for your comment on my works. It made my day truthfully. Your words here show such passion, and like a canvas you paint a very soulful picture. Your words touch the soul.


Indigo said...

Dulce ~ why thank you for that wicked comment, I would love to follow you, would you like to follow me too?

Indigo said...

Tracy ~ ya can't beat touching the soul can you, like your paintings touched mine. Thank you for replying, I shall return.

Shadow said...

oh, how enticing, who could resist...

Indigo said...

Shadow ~ Indeed...! ;-)

Shelly Rayedeane said...

I suppose passion can only be created by the unseen, for without faith, what would happen to desire?

Indigo said...

Shelly Rayedeane ~Indeed. Thank you for dropping by, I value your comments..

nitebyrd said...

You are getting better and better. I didn't think it was possible but it is!

This one is a beauty.

Indigo said...

shadow ~ you think? Oh thank you.

Indigo said...

nitebyrd ~ you make me feel so confident with your wonderful comments, I am smiling big time, thank you .