Friday, 15 May 2009

After Shock

Last Saturday I had a strange lump appear on the inside of my left thigh. I thought nothing of it, put it down to a pulled muscle or some thing! Taking care of it, I purchased a tubular bandage and proceeded to wear it. Sunday came and went, I went out on my bike... again... no problem. However on Monday morning, I still had the swelling, but this time I had quite a lot of discomfort with it. I made myself an appointment to see my GP in the afternoon, which left me the day to hobble around work. Still I wasn't in the slightest bit worried... 'sore' .. but not worried. The time came and I arrived at the doctor's surgery. I went in to see my doctor, who after a few moments of me describing my predicament, and peeling off my trousers to show him the offending swelling, he was getting slightly fractious. I was told I had to get to A&E a.s.a.p! Oh and take an over night bag because chances are they'll keep you in! He was convinced I had some thing called DVT. Still staying calm, I asked him what this DVT was exactly. Deep vain Thrombosis. I still didn't understand the full extent of this illness. I sat in the chair with my trousers around my knees, smiling at the doctor, and could hear myself almost laughing.... with hysteria. Was I going ever so slightly mad? After he told me in broken English that I could well be in danger, he mentioned a blood clot.. my lungs... and if we didn't get to it damned quick....... most certainly DEATH!! Scrambling to my feet I dressed myself, while he phoned the hospital and arranged for me to be seen as soon as I got there, which was some eight miles away. As I was told that I was not to drive; however I'd driven there in the first place and had been fine, but my friend put her foot down and I think we may well have broken a few speed limits a long the way, but all in the name of life!! Apparently it was another risk factor to drive in case a part of the thrombosis broke free and travelled into my lungs creating a blood clot. By now you'd have thought I'd be panicking, but even with the mention of possible death, this word had sailed right over my head, I hadn't fully digested it, it hadn't SUNK IN!! The doctor typed me a letter to hand to the hospital when I arrived. My friend kept asking me if I was OK? I just smiled and said, " Yeah " and I that I was hungry. I hadn't given what the doc had said.. a second thought! A short fat hairy man called my name, I followed him into a small room. Details were taken, name etc. Then a young student nurse came in and proceeded to give me an ECG, which checks the heart.
So there I am my t-shirt lifted up to my arm pits ( good job I'd shaved them the night before), wired for sound, cables dangling from my limbs. I made light conversation with the young woman. All done and I sat up waiting for the doctor to come back. " Can I go now please " I asked. His expression said it all. " I have to take some bloods before I can say what it is you have wrong with you." I took a large gulp and started to shake! I can't stand needles and told him so, he told me it wouldn't hurt. Why oh 'WHY' do they always say that? They are lying, it always hurts.... " just a little scratch" like hell it is!! I winced as he eased the point of the needle into my vein, I grimaced..."all done." I had to return to reception and wait for the results of my bloods. I chatted with my friend, my stomach rumbled for some food. Two hours later and nearing starvation, my name was called. I wandered off in the direction of the doctor, sat back in the cubicle................
The good news is that I don't have DVT, I'm not going to die. I had however got some thing called Thrombosphlebitis. In broken English means inflammation of the veins, which run the full length of my left leg, yes I am a freak!! I hate them!!!
The only thing good to come out of this episode at the hospital is the urgency for my varicose veins to have the much needed operation to remove them they are unsightly, painful, sore, itchy, ugly, inherited!! My week has been uncomfortable at work and at home, I've had added interest from work colleagues as to why I'm limping. Some how I don't think they believed me when I said I'd been attacked by a man eating leprechaun ?! Painkillers and anti-inflammatories seem to help, although I have a new prescription for stronger pain relief.
Today I realised just how lucky I was.... had been! What I have isn't life threatening, but all the same it isn't very nice either. It's a good job I went to the doctors when I did... or the story might have been .... well let's not dwell on the what ifs? But today I've felt very low, almost emotional, totally relieved that my out come was superficial. Today the reality HIT home. I think I need a good cry, but unless I hit my head or stub my toe, I can't see that happening. So now I await to hear from the medical centre, and fingers crossed it won't be too long. I want rid of these grotesque veins .... I want to have normal legs, pain free legs, legs that I don't mind showing off. I don't even go swimming any more, I think people are staring at me.


Spiky Zora Jones said...

hi sweetie: I'm happy now..hearing that you are all right. Soon baby, you will have the legs to show off.

I'm sorry it all happened but it did...we go from here, shoulders back, chin up. Things are going to be much better. I want you strong healthy and well...cause we have lots of things to do when I get there.

Glad you are lots better...stop scaring me...and be careful and good to you.

ciao sunshine.

Indigo said...

Spiky yeah will do babe. Was a scary week but hopefully after going under the surgeons knife I'll be tonnes better and with legs to kill or should that be thrill?Lol..~x~;->

doll said...

You do seem to be having extreme ups and downs with your health.

Lets hope they get a move on with the vein surgery, painful, throbbing and itching legs make life miserable.May they get done soon enough to show them off over summer

Indigo said...

doll ~ yes I do seem to be having some ups n downs, seems to run in the family, my dad's on the rocky road to recovery from a stroke!! I've had an appointment through to see the surgeon at the hospital on June 1st, they won't hang about I don't think.

♥ Braja said...

Nice to meet you Indigo...I hope the pain in your legs is is intense, no?

nitebyrd said...

DVT is very dangerous. One of my favorite news men died from it at the beginning of the Iraq war. Very sad, he was young. I'm glad your doctor was so vigilant.

I'm also glad that you're okay and that you'll have surgery to correct it AND get some sexy legs out of the deal! LOL

Indigo said...

Braja ~ lovely to meet you too. Yes intense pain, but with a copious amount of pain killers and anti-inflammatories I'm coping. I've waited 11 years for this surgery, so as you can imagine, I'm needing it badly.

Indigo said...

Nitebyrd~So sorry to hear about your friend, it's sad when we lose people we love at any age, but I always find it difficult when they are young. Yeah looking forward to the 'sexy' legs, as mine go up to my arm pits!! Lol. I get to go hospital June 1st to see the surgeon, fingers x'd it won't be long after that.