Friday, 5 December 2008


My phone was on silent, but vibrate.. awaiting your message with baited breath.
My mouth feeling dry, my nerves slightly frayed, thinking of you and I .. naked.
Naked and touching-feeling our skin, nipples and pussies, sweat upon sin.
The door bell rings, I jump to my feet, roses for me? how sweet!
I'm wanting you so badly, I've missed you so much... want to taste you..
want to fuck! Hold you so close, peel the clothes from your skin-pull you close,
lick your thighs, kiss your mouth, sink my tongue into your abyss.
I close the door, with a bang, pull your coat from your shoulders, tear at your
buttons, dropping them to the floor, breasts abandoned...not any-more.
With gentle speed I caress your skin, pull you close, you let me in...
sensing your urgency, the heat of our love. The need to be had, the want to
be had. My fingers stumble at your belt, fumbling for the fastener that holds you with in,
down your legs, the scent is over powering, of hypnotic proportion..
I lean into your groin, spread your legs and lick.. lick ... lick..
The sensations of rapture tear through your loins, legs twitching, orgasm rising
juices running, pulsating clitoris, swollen breasts, tears of over whelming joy
of love, of total abandonment...
when all is calm, we kiss ... kiss ..................... kiss.


nitebyrd said...

Hun, love has made you one damn HOT erotic writer. You were good before but now you're BRILLIANT!

Indigo said...

Nitebyrd~ why thank you .. you know what they say.. 'practice makes perfect'... the writing!

Spiky Zora Jones said...

wha-hey...Moist is right. Im moist like a snack cake right now. This is hot...girl.

I loved that part...pussies wet with sin. Oh my...

I want more...yummy.

Ciao sweetie and thank you. Oh is my gal in trouble tonight. grrrr.

Indigo said...

Spiky~ whey hey babe, glad it got you all worked up, did me too n not just writing it!!