Sunday, 28 December 2008

Broken Edges

I sent you a message, you didn't reply. I sent it again, I have no idea why. Do you not love me, do you not care, have I done some thing to upset you? Please tell me you're still there.
Not knowing the pain you've been through, not wanting to remind you... I want to help, but I'm not her, the one you loved for more than nine years. I can't make you promises, that's a debt unpaid.. talk to me babe................. talk to me.. I'm here for you ... I-I care. My feelings are jumbled, my nerves tattered and torn, I don't want to lose you babe.... I hurt too you know. I want to be with you, love you, take care of you. I'm not used to being ignored!
My eyes are watery, my vision's gone blurd, talk to me please- this is so absurd!
If you don't tell me what your problem is then how am I to know?
Three days have passed, I've cried so much, I don't want to lose you... what is wrong?
The phone rings, I stutter my reply... " hello babe " comes your reply.
I'm sorry for hurting you this way, do you still want to see me...................
of course I do, I always did.. do..... " do you ?"
We're talking again, still steeling that kiss, hand in hand. I have to slow down, not wanting to scare, I can't help loving her.... I really do care.
She comes with broken edges, the wound still intact, for me it's true love, I know she feels the same; but I can't rush her, she's not the same.
I try to make her happy, her sadness makes me cry. I do love her you know...
I always made the first move, I don't know any other, so I guess in many ways
I too have broken edges!
We're not in any rush, I know she knows I care,
I will always be here for you love, I will ..... I care.


Spiky Zora Jones said...

WOW...that is wonderfully written. each word filled with much emotion.

Oh you are in love sweetie and your heart rules over your mind.

But that's okay...there is much ahead of you. enjoy it all and you dance with haappiness every chnace you get sweetie.

Ciao honey.

Indigo said...

I love to dance spiky~ I am in love, I can't deny it any longer.. this feels wonderful. The world isn't the party we expected but while we're here my well as well dance...! And dance I will..thank you