Wednesday, 17 December 2008


You walked into my life... with a great big grin.
I am your new lover, my every day sin.
To touch you, to feel you, to pull you in.
My every day lover, my every day sin.
I dream about you every night, to have and to hold
from this day forth..
I love your east and west south and north.
You make me smile, you feel like silk,
with skin so soft and milky white..
We sit on the sofa, hand in hand,
occasionally smiling, stealing a kiss,
making a wish, stealing the moment
when the stars glitter in the sky,
and I ask why?
Why you love me.....
You reply...

You are my shining star, you keep me alive,
you brighten up my mornings and my
nights. You know what to say when I am down,
you know how to make me smile.
I love you eyes, your mouth, your chin
I am your daily sin,
And I... your everything.

Your touch is so soft. You
reduce me to marshmallow
with every inch of you hand,
soft and tingly, pretty and nice.
Sinking your hand into my pants,
urging your finger to my knicker top,
hesitation is every thing.. our breath..
hushed, goose bumps covered skin..
Don't hesitate my lover, come right in.

My flesh is weak, my heart thumps
then misses a beat, beads of sweat form
a wall upon my chin, you are my lover..
my every day sin.
The night falls, the sky is dark, the
birds are all asleep, I cannot speak,
my voice is still, do your best my love
make me sing, make me laugh,
do your everything,
I love you with every inch of my

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