Sunday, 20 January 2008

And the award goes to....

'Thankyou' for my nomination Jackie. I've never been awarded anything in my life... so you can understand how happy I am! As for the seven random goes.

1. Once I walked 175ft backwards down the outside of a building .
2. I'm scared of heights!
3.I Love pain...!
4.I've done the London Marathon.
5.I learnt how to water ski in the Gulf of Mexico.
6.Have eaten chocolate covered ants!
7.I've hand fed pink flamingos in Morocco.

There that wasn't too difficult. I'd also like to nominate for this prestigious award, three other fantastic bloggers. My first goes to Jackie Adshead for her awesome erotic pictures and everything she produces, these images blow me away. My second goes to Lucy Felthouse who has me in stitches every time I visit her blog... keep them coming girlie. My third and final award goes to Scarlet the harlet for all her fabulous work..well done Ladies.. I raise my glass to you all.."cheers"


Fibo said...

Nice Blog :)

Indigo said...

Fibo-thankyou ;-)