Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Inside out

Inside out is who I am.
I've never felt comfortable
in the clothes I wear, could
never find a certain fashion
that I felt comfortable in.
It was never me, I'm almost
in drag and the again I'm not.
Today I went shopping, well it
was more like several rounds
with a sumo wrestler.. the
crowds were a nightmare!
But I went lookin for a
jacket, a mans jacket.
I've had this dream
about wearin dinner suite
top hat n tails with
shiny shoes, kinda like
Fred Astaire fashion.
So today I went hunting
for the jacket, I have
long arms, long body
n broad shoulders..
you'd have thought it
would have been easy?
Not!! After several
shuffles in n out
of various shops,
I found River Island
with yes another
massive sale. Sifting
through the many rails
of unwanted clothes
I found my hand holdin
a grey blazer, with
that army type brass
buttoned effect..buttons
and I fell head over
heals in love with it.
It was my size, and
way more good lookin
than what I'd found
earlier so now I now
where this new look
is going with me.
Also it was originally
£55.00 reduced to £30
but get this I paid
£15.00 a total bargain.
Oh then I found a Lady
Gaga t-shirt which goes
with blazer.. then
Oh it just gets better
paid £20 for a fitted
waistcoat.. I now fit
the part.. this is me,
I'm done with tryin
to fit in with this
n that... this n that
don't work for me. I
have a new identity
now... I am in the
process of growin
my hair, slightly
boyish.. but I've
always wondered
what it was like to
be a boy... I'm happy
now and half way there.
Cool day for shoppin!!
I've come to accept
the new me now.


nitebyrd said...

Sounds like an absolutely awesome outfit, Indi! Wear what you want to wear, screw "fashion"!

Pictures of you in the outfit, please. You can leave out your face but I'd love to see how fantastic you look!

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ when I mentioned to my daughter today that I'd bought a jacket in a charity shop her expression was not what I'd expected! I've never followed fashion, but I've never felt comfortable in what I used to wear, I'm gettin to that moment ;)