Friday, 14 October 2011

All Clear

A couple of days ago my Dad phoned at around 9pm, I always get worried at that time of night as to some thing being wrong. In this instance it was good that I answered the phone. Great news followed as my Pa told me he'd been back to the hospital where it all started months ago with the Aneurysms,from discovery to surgery then out then back in for minor repairs to the previous surgery. He's had the all clear. Now my dilemma is my beautiful new family in Canada, I'm holding back telling them as their Dad has just been diagnosed with Cancer. They always ask how my dad is, as he had the same operation as Burt... now Burt has come through his 3 surgery's and is looking grim as to his life before him. I can't ... I don't want to be happy talking to them as they are going through so much upset and pain right now, as I am with them every step of the way. I am so HAPPY that my dad's better.... what should I do?



Talking of your dad's recovery will inspire them and give them hope.Everybody likes to hear success stories at a time like this.

Indi said...

UBS ~ Then that is what I shall do... will have to word it so I don't sound like I'm gloating!!