Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I am

The great count down
has begun..ten, nine
eight... seven...six.
Five.....Oh.. Soon
to be half a century
young. I'm looking
at it from the other
side.. I'm am life
as I know I am. Old?
NFW..(not fuckin way!)
See it's easy...
Age is but a number..
I have to understand
what it brings me...
What I can expect
to gain from my
time left on this
crumbling planet.
To realise that
things aren't
always as they
might seem. For
instance is the
glass half full?
Or half empty.
Stop believing
no one loves
me.. I have a
heart of solid
gold.. a mind
full of stories
waiting to be
invented, and
eventually told.
So where shall
I begin. Has
she lost her
marbles? Of
course not,
this is me.
Sit up straight
listen to what
I have to say.
We're on this
planet once,
life is this,
we have no
rehearsals. If
I want to jump
then I have to
measure the
distance, go
for it.. Step
out from under-
neath my umbrella
go dance naked
in the rain.
Experience all
that life offers.
And get this one..
piss folk off..
if they don't
like the scenery,
the scent of my
perfume.. close
the door on the
way out, leave
my room. This
may not make
sense to
many if any
of you.. Face?
Bothered? For
if you know
me properly
through blog
and e mails
and the like,
Hi my name
is.. and I
am life and
I know I am.


Red Shoes said...

Age is a number, dear... I have a head start on you agewise... I've been told that I seem, look, act much younger than I am...

Mostly it's outlook and being optimistic most of the time...

50 is the new 35? ;o)


ZomBee said...

Age is just a number counting the time on this ball of mud.
Yet, time is an abstract and does not really exist. You cant touch it,taste it,feel,smell or measure.
Clocks do not measure time, they measure themselves each click and tic and the only way to set one is with another.
25 years 15 years 50 years
None of it matters
it is what you do with the time you have.

Indi said...

Shoes ~ It's all in the mind I think, we are a number and I don't mind.. 35 eh? 'WOW!' Can't wait, havin said that people reckon I'm in my early thirtes... aree they just being kind?



Indi said...

Zombee ~ 'EXACTLY!' I bet you were up all night writing that one =]. I have to agree with you too.. I intend rockin the world, mud, planet... with some help from my Glucosamine for my joints Lol..thanks



red.neck chic said...

Well... in my mind you're only 35. ;-D

Plus - I adore you to pieces no matter your age.


(however, birthdays are fun! we should have had a year long celebration for you!!!)