Friday, 10 December 2010


Ticklishly zingy feelings
that trickle recklessly
from toe to knees to head.
As you lie beside me,our
skin ripples, breath inhaled
excitement suspended, orgasm
spent. Eye lids flicker, tears
form, blink then trickle..
sticky warm wet sensations,
legs squeezed roughly,
knees bang, ankles click,
aching limbs with continuous
twitch.. heart beats..beat.
Love illuminates the air,
poison me with your kiss,
dare me to commit this
unlawful sin.. open
your arms, surrender,
let this love story..
begin. Chapter one..
and then she.......
kissed me with the
strength of a thousand
armies dancing on the
very edge of my
existence.. oasis.


Ms Smack said...

hi Indi,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you liked the pictures.

I had no idea you were such an accomplished poet.

You've perfect words for your poem.


Indi said...

Ms Smack ~ *blushing* thank you & you're welcome



The Savage said...

I love the thousand armies line... one of your best poems in my book and they are all quite good...

Indi said...

Savvy ~ Mmmmmmmm *smiles*

Thank you