Friday, 11 September 2009


It's hard to explain what I feel,
in this head upon my shoulders,
the thoughts running round in
my mind. I'm not your usual woman,
I should know..... I've tried.

I fell in love with that woman.
Five and a half years we had,
we shared the love and laughter
then it all ended in tears.
I shall never forget those fatal
words she said,they often creep
back into my head, but now I
realise, how much they hurt.

But that was then and this is now
I come to notice my love never died.
Her smile it warms my soul, her eyes
light up my world, I hold that burning
torch for her, just wish she could still
be by my side, but we still share that
something, that never will blow out.
I've grown a lot in strength and yes
I am so proud.

Proud to know she was there for me,
she held my hand...we kissed so sweet
her lips were soft and juicy, her touch
so warm and wanting, our love was magical.
To the stars and beyond. I put her on a
pedestal, for no one but me to touch.
I still love you girl, with all that we loved.

I cannot deny it any more, it's true.
I have to accept that is will never be
anything else, but to me it's still special
but deep down in my gut, I got a feeling...
she knows.


Dulce said...

Beatiful... Oh love... Some loves take really long to go away (if ever), but we must not close doors to the new possibilities-
Maybe by telling you I believe this is true for me too!!! ( ha ha)
Cheers! + Smiles :)

Shadow said...

some love's one never forgets...

Indigo said...

Dulce ~ yes I thought my love had gone but now I know it never really did, it was just the pain of losing her that made me believe different, if that makes sense? cheers + smiles back

Indigo said...

Shadow ~ yes I can agree with that now.Thank you

Jackie Adshead said...

I'm sure she knows - it sounds so wonderful the love that you too had........

Indigo said...

Jackie ~ yes it was amazing love we had.... truly AMAZING!