Sunday, 4 January 2009

Heat of the night

Big Ben strikes twelve, the chink of champagne glasses as they clash together. I smile at you, you return the smile, with a glint in your eye. I wrap my arms around you, pressing my breasts against yours, you release a quiet moan of appreciation. I take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom. I stumble over the pile of Christmas presents still on the floor, not having put them away yet. We laugh, cut short by my mouth engaging in yours, hot juicy tongues doing the tango. I run circles around the out line of your nipples, they're erect in no time. We find the edge of the bed and I sit you down. Your expression's foggy with passion. Your breath's short and laboured, the heat rising. I part your thighs- running my hands the length of your legs from your ankles to your groin. You sway form side to side. My hands shaking, shaking with the want to finger your damp pussie, the want to lay my tongue the length of your clitoris, the need to kiss you from head to foot and every inch in between. Fumbling to unfasten the zipper, your hand steadies mine. The sound of metal teeth on fabric; easing your arse out of the jeans, sliding the garment down your legs away across the bedroom floor. I trace the out line of your knicks, your hands on my shoulders, your eyes fixed on mine. I can see the need in your face, the want to be fucked, the need to be kissed and caressed all over. I want to taste your juices, lavish in your orgasm, take to the stars and beyond.
The perfume of your flesh awakens my senses. Sinking my mouth into your pubic hair,through the fabric of your lacy knicks, blowing hot air, sucking on the way out, pulling the skin of your clitoris back through the lace, Oh my god you're so hot..
Your groaning with pleasure, thrashing your head from side to side. Gently, slowly but with hastened speed I push my index finger down the side of your left leg, yanking the fabric away, plunging my tongue into your pussie, your soaking wet hungry pussie. I start to masturbate you, rubbing your clit from side to side with one hand; reaching up to you naked breasts with the other hand; squeezing them, pinching your buds of pink flesh, you squeal in abundance. Your body starts to shiver, shake. Your muscles throbbing, twitching, the earthquake is about to erupt. My finger moves faster, soaking wet with your juice. Your arms above your head, sprawled out, fists of iron as you ride the orgasm that has taken hold of your soul. I release my hand form your exhausted soaking wet clitoris, the aroma of sex lingers on the bed sheet, my hands aching; my clit in desperate need. I pull my pants to one side, sink my fingers in and with-in seconds I'm wasted on your lap, my legs thrashing about, my juices over flowing; I scream as loud as I can. Tears roll down my face. We lie there motionless together on the bed. You turn your head to mine, bringing your hand to my cheeks, tracing the out line on my lips, I suck your thumb, gently biting it, letting you know.... letting you see... you wipe the tears from my cheek. The heat of your kiss, the warmth of your lips, the scent of your body.... I whisper in your ear
" Happy New Year.. " and your reply..." Happy New Year to you too my lover.."


Jade said...

Fun night you wrote about there! ;-) Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your support on the silly drama going on on my side of blogger.

Indigo said...

Jade~ Thank you for dropping by, you have my support 100%, hang on in there take care~x~

Jackie Adshead said...

Sounds like the perfect way of starting the new year - I hope there's more to come, so to speak!!! LOL

Indigo said...

Thanks Jackie~ Hmmmmm..Mmmmmmmmm.. am sure hopin there'will be more-so to speak!! Lol.