Sunday, 1 February 2009

My love

Today is now.

Yesterday has gone,

but what has been

will always be.

Tomorrow... I await,

with bated breath..

to embrace your heart..

feed your soul,

devour your kiss,

to caress your hand.

Touch the inside of what is the

everything of your existence.

And the day after....

to start again,

from the beginning.

To kiss..... to touch..... to embrace..

to feed your soul, as I do now,

as I did yesterday and shall..

with all my tomorrows.

The things we share together.

The moments are gone of all our

yesterdays... but I will replace them

with all my tomorrows.


Jackie Adshead said...

That is stunningly and achingly beautiful.

Try and get your words published, Indigo, they're gorgeously evocative.

Loving Annie said...

How very very very nice that you have all of those tomorrows - it is an incalcuably valuable gift.

Indigo said...

Jackie ~ Thank you. It took me quite literally minutes to write. I love it so much... I keep reading it. I will get my words published, that I have promised to myself.

Indigo said...

Loving Annie ~ Thank you for your lovely comment, it's heart felt in every way.

megat said...

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Indigo said...

megat~ thank you for visiting my blog.

moonheart said...

Hi Indigo,
this is a very beautiful poem. Such tender words, with some melancholy and hope. I love it.

Sweet greetz, moonheart

Indigo said...

moonheart~ This poem is dedicated to the new love of my life.. Thank you for your kinds words. Glad you like it..