Saturday, 29 June 2013

Love at first sight

The first time ever I saw her
I just knew we were meant
for each other.
Classy bird with all the right
ingredients. Shiny...bright
she caught my eyes.. a
match made in heaven.
Mileage is fair.
Time to part with my
first love, to make room
for y new love. Two
big broad wheels..
shiny n light. 14 litre
capacity... huge head
light. From Yamaha
to Kawasaki in one
fell swoop.. I've yet
to take her for a spin.
See what she's really
capable off.. open
throttle, wind in
my teeth... her
colour is racing
green. Two years
old, less than 2 thou
on the clock.. big
broad seat, plenty
of room for two...
wink wink if you
see what I mean.
Kawasaki 800 W.
Look her up.. ya
might just agree.

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