Monday, 15 October 2012

Angel Eyes

On Saturday just gone I was out enjoying the good weather with my husband, we were on our motorbikes. On our way to a place called Lichfield which consists of riding on a long road for
several miles... a dual carriage way., two lanes up and on the other side two lanes down.
Prior to trying to get on the the dual carriage way, down the slip road which under most normal
circumstances is fairly easy. Saturday was a day when I realised I must have had a gaurdian angel
looking over me. We have blue tooth devices on our helmets so we can communicate with each other
while riding. I'd left the traffic lights after they had green, made great head way in front and away from traffic behind me.  My other half shouted to me 'watch out for that car, it's right behind you!'
At that point I checked my left side and the car was so close it was a miracle I wasn't by this point under her wheels and in big trouble.  I calmly checked my right shoulder.... hit the indicator moved over into the right hand lane... at which point my husband has lost eye contact with me, assuming the worst!! She only followed me into the right had lane. By the time I'd manouvered my bike to where I thought I'd be safe, she had over taken me...driven like some crazed mad woman past me over taken me then without checking for on coming traffic ..proceeded to crossover two lanes into the right hand lane....still driving like some dickhead.... I have gotten over my  dice with near death... it's a good job I stayed calm other wise I dread to think what might have happened! Phew!! Sunday I went into post traffic stress dissorder...... thankful it didn't boil over into something tragic. I was tempted to follow the driver and find out who she her for dangerous driving.... on the other not to have done that, I would most likely have lost my temper and smacked her one.


Red Shoes said...

Wow.. that sounds like one close call!

I'm glad you are safe!!


Indi said...

Shoes ~ yeah very close, had she have got any closer, I'd have been wearing her... to close for comfort