Monday, 6 August 2012


On Saturday  we took our dog 'Max' to the vets as he had gone off his legs.
It wasn't looking good either as they told us this n that..what it might be or
could be. We left in their capable hands. Sunday wasn't good either. He wasn't
responding to the drugs and still hadn't shown any real signs of getting
better. Today I phoned the vets at 8.30 to see how he was doing!
I left work immediately in a tearful panic. Max had gone down hill so quick
it was better to let him go now rather than later. I left a ruffled message
with the dept... eyes already red n swollen, tears streaming down my
face, chin low to avoid questions from passing work folk.
I drove like an idiot to the vets. I was informed that Max had
been given a sedative to calm him down. Apparently he'd also
gone blind so couldn't see me, but as the nice young vet opened
the cage, I immediately lay down stroking Max's head and telling
we loved him and he's going to feel some peace. I kissed him
goodbye and cried................................
The good vet then administered the lethal cocktail of drugs
into the intravenous drip and Max pain free went to sleep.

Rest in Peace Max, we love you


Red Shoes said...

Oh Nooooooooooooooooooooooo...

I'm SO sorry. Bless his heart. Hopefully your voice calmed Max for his journey.



Leah said...

Oh darling girl - I am really sorry. Losing pets is as painful as losing people. My heart goes out to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Indi said...

Red Shoes - yes. last week I lost the fight for the kitten, this week I lose Max too. Yes, blind he may have gone but his hearing was ok sos I spoke softly to him, assured him we loved him.


Indi said...

Leah- I've cried more over losing pets than I have distant relatives. Unconditional love they give... and unconditional love we give to them...thank you, shall bury him later... me thinks with a small teddy bear for comfort so he's not alone...


Fusion said...

Never easy losing a beloved pet, I still think of my black lab I had to let go four years back. My heart goes out to you. Max is in a better place now for sure.


Was he very old? Sometimes that helps in the grieving process to remember they had a fully and happy life filled with love. It's heart wrenching though to lose a pet whom I think are better friends than most people.

I recently adopted a 17 year old cat[not because I wantned a cat, and I am allergic to them]but he was left to his own devices all night, in all weathers roaming the streets. I knew that at his age he needed to be brought into the warm and swaddled in love an comfort. He was almost ferel when I got him,but now, 3 months later, lots of love and shrimp for breakfast everyday, he is a gentle,loving pet whom I could not live without.

It is gratifying to see him sleeping on my bed, stretched out, warm and dry rather than on a mound of wet earth in the wind, rain and snow.

So! You must remember your care and love of Max,how he had consistency of your love, gentleness and friendship. He had a life well lived and that is so much more than some pets get. Even mine waited 17 years, his last years to find that.

Rest In Peace Max.

Indi said...

Fusion - Thank you, words of warmth to soothe my wounded heart, Max is sleeping peacefuly now, I say hello to him every morning as I pass by his resting place, then I give megan the labrador a huge pat n kiss.


Indi said...

UBS - God that kitty was so lucky to have found you.... I adore cats, I'd have a house full if my other half would let me... he's an animal lover too.. he doesn't like it when calves get poorly or the cows fall ill. Max did have a good life, rescued once form the grips of death... now sleeping peacefully knowing he is still loved..


Memphis Steve said...

I went through that with my cat a few years ago. It's something you don't forget. I'm sorry you had to experience it, too.

Indi said...

Memphis Steve ~ not the nicest of things to have to sign for then be a witness too, but for the suffering animal.... ultimate peace. I hope that one day I , if I'm suffering andt= there is no return... I can go with one injection administered by a doctor of course.