Wednesday, 1 July 2009

99 Yards

99 yards of love.
One yard short, but who gives a fuck!
I've never really felt the need
to give what doesn't belong to me.
If you've never had it, how can you say you own it?

Does love come in different grades
like the colours of the rainbow....
in different shades?
How do you know what to look for
if people just take the piss.
Am I missing something,
is my 'sat nav' broke?
This 'love' thing to me
just appears to be a joke.

I'm not normally this distant,
grumpy and sad.....
the doctors keep telling me
I'm not totally mad!
The man in the white coat
smiles at me each day
stabs me in the arm
and tells me I'm OK!

The room has a view with
padded walls to.
My head is full of colours
my vision-blurd and funny,
but I am not laughing.
This is NOT funny!!

99 yards of love.
One yard short,
but who really.... gives a fuck?
The walls are closing in,
my hair is falling out.
I've scratched these pictures
on the wall, of memories I once had.

My vision is returning
the medication's wearing off
I can hear the lock turning,
the doctor's coming back.


Jackie Adshead said...

Well..... this one's a liitle weird! :) Not sure exactly what its about. It's interesting though...........

Indigo said...

It's my new abstract poetry. I think it has depth ... and a meaning. It's for the reader to make their own mind up what it might be about. I like it.!!

nitebyrd said...

Oh! Dear! A poem from the abyss. I like it. :)

Indigo said...

nitebyrd ~ I'm glad you like it... so do I, but I guess unless people have actually touched down in the delightful city of the 'Abyss' they won't know what this poems about.I like the wierd and unusual. OK not my usual 'raunchy' stuff, but I needed a break from the norm, not that I've ever been! Thanks hun ~x~