Saturday, 6 June 2009

Last Supper

Share my biscuit, share my head.
Give your heart and I'll share my bed.
To eat a meringue sends shivers down my spine,
the first bite, crunchy then soft and full of mystical delight.

Slowly I lower my hand beneath the fabric of your existence.
With curly hair... I fumble beneath my touch.
To love... to feel,
the softness of your flesh.
Depth has no despair.. nor emptiness.

My eyes...stare
looking back I see your face.
The need to cry out grows inside of you,
like a separate growing orgasm
straining your release.

And when the release comes
reverberated inside of you..
with the power of a nuclear explosion.
It was the most erotic experience
you'd ever had.
I broke the silence first.

Our fingers entwined,
like knots in string release.


nitebyrd said...

You're an amazing poet! Have you ever thought about getting published?

autumn said...

that was an amazing poem. really and truly lovely.

Indigo said...

nitebyrd ~ thank you. Yes I want my poems in print, for every one to read. I want to be almost famous. I have looked into it, but the ones I find, the publishers that is, want money to do so.. I want the money even if only a small amount, I hunger for it.

Indigo said...

autmn ~ Thank you. I suprise myself some times

Jackie Adshead said...

That has such depth to it, Indigo. It's lovely. You really ought to look into getting your poems published, somehow!

Indigo said...

Jackie ~ yes I've been looking into getting then in print, I'm surrendering some a couple of magazines and keeping my fingers crossed. It's like art, it's a minefield out there, where to start? But I'm going to get there however long it takes me, I'm going to achieve my dream. Thank you

Spiky Zora Jones said...

I'll be your biggest fan
you'll be famous.
will you still love?

It's a wonderful and beautiful poem sweetie.

go get them published. :00

Indigo said...

spiky ~ yeah I'll still love you. I want this so much, to be a real writer, but I don't think it's going to be easy. I want it so badly I'll get there in the end, however long it takes me, I'm no quitter, thanks honey x

Rainy said...

This is such a well written poet - I don't meant to be a broken record, but you are a great poet. I really love the title :) I'll definitely buy your book when you decide to publish it!

Indigo said...

Rainy ~ Gosh thank you! I'd like to think one day that I actually have the chance to have my work in black n white for every one to read. To actually be almost famous

-eve- said...

> Share my biscuit, share my head.
Give your heart and I'll share my bed.
I like these 2 lines lots! :-)

Indigo said...

-eve- thank you. I love these two lines too :)