Sunday, 6 July 2008

Guardian Angel

Have you ever seen some one be it a complete stranger who you've had an immediate connection with? I did the other day. I was standing out side a super market in our local town, minding my own business, trying to get a signal for my phone... when all of a sudden out of thin air, this female came towards me, almost as though she knew me. I kind of smiled, well I think I smiled at her-you see-she had got this almost hypnotic stance about her. I think I actually blushed, but I never took my eyes off her, and she-me.I stood my ground, hand held tightly toward my right ear, mouth slightly ajar. I felt a sudden feeling of euphoria rush through me... I do believe we all have a guardian angel with us;watching over us. We may not know this but I do actually believe this. I finished with my mobile phone and proceeded into the super market, to look for her. Every isle I went down, she had just finished going down and as I entered the next isle, she disappeared around the other corner. I saw her face the first time, outside, she was smiling at me, like she knew me... I can't really explain it but I felt like I'd seen her before, but I haven't, I would've remembered, for sure. I have a remarkably good memory for faces, so who was she? By the time I'd got the items on my shopping list, she had gone. I chased every trolley with a female in blue jeans, tall with long dark hair, but I couldn't have missed her, it's not possible! I had convinced myself she was for real, she couldn't have been a figment of my imagination, she smiled at me;outside the super market. I rushed out of the store, expecting to see her getting into a car, or packing her stuff away in to the boot of a car, NO ... she had vanished, almost like she was never really there; but she was and she smiled at me, I saw her... I have come to the conclusion she was my very own guardian angel, keeping watch over me.


JRM said...

I have connected like that and it's the most amazing feeling. The sudden rush of blood to my face... I can still recall the sensation. She reached out and tugged on my jeans and I wished I could peel them off right there. whew!

Indigo said...

OMG...!! that is So erotic..! I didn't quite get 'That' far but I was undressing her with my eyes..!!